2015-06-05 Cellkraft has relocated

Cellkraft has moved to larger premises in the heart of the Royal National City Park. The new building is beautifully situated between Stockholm University and lake Brunnsviken, only 200 m from the University subway station. With the relocation, Cellkraft is well positioned for further growth.

2012-02-01 New website

As of today, Cellkraft has launched its new website for business area Humidity and Steam. For the visitor there should not be much of a change as the appearance is kept quite minimalistic. One intention with the new WordPress-based website is to make it even simpler to update content and that news will be updated more frequently than before.

2010-10-29 Newsletter 2/10 out

This newsletter contains information about Cellkraft’s new fuel cell stack, consisting of graphite bipolar plates, as well as our new 3 kW-system – S-3000. A reliability test of a Cellkraft’s S-1000 system, fed with hydrogen gas from a methanol reformer system delivered by Genesis, during a two day boat trip in the Stockholm archipelago is also presented.

2010-05-31 Newsletter 1/10 out

Today Newsletter 1/10 is sent out to registered parties. Among the news is information about the latest developments for Cellkraft products and some humidity theory you can relate to. The developments include a new option for the P-Series for low humidity needs at steady state operation, ATEX classing for the E-Series and a high capacity precision evaporator that can deliver 100 g steam per minute with high precision.

2009-06-04 Successful startup after 16 month stand-still

Yesterday, as part of the fuel cell test program at Telia Sonera, Cellkraft’s unique start up algorithm was put to a difficult test. After 16 months of stand-still with no conditioning routines whatsoever during the stand-still a Cellkraft S-1000 fuel cell started up successfully and powered the telecom station. Unlike Cellkraft’s fuel cells, most competitor’s fuel cells require regular start-stop runs to guarantee secure start-up during grid failure. These routines consumes fuel and result in unnecesseray wear and tear on the fuel cell. Press release .